Do you want to take advantage of such trainings? Inform your sales representative about this.

The subject of the meeting will of course be adapted to the interest of individual issues by the participants in the meeting.


Short topic of the meeting:

  • Building Regulation and its implementation in practice,

  • Signal frequencies in cable and ether - what should you know about?

  • SAT and DVB T signal distribution based on coaxial cables and

  • fiber optic - on what investments a given solution is the best and what to look for,

  • Fiber optic welding. Televes fiber optic welder - why overpay?

  • Signal measurements - Televes meters and their good value for money,

  • Practical solutions for teletechnical installations in a building (contact point, signal distribution) - fast, easy and inexpensive,

Training is one of the elements of comprehensive customer service. In addition to high quality products, affordable prices and professional service, we offer our clients practical knowledge, which - as we know - is invaluable. Training is conducted by invited guests as well as specialists from Elpio, depending on the nature and subject of the meeting.

Elpio regularly organizes industry training. They relate to selected issues (e.g. Building Regulation, building multiswitch installations) or presentation of products and brands (multicable, Televes, Telkom Telmor and others). Trainings are organized on the initiative of Elpio, as well as at the request of our clients.

They take place, depending on the needs, in the multimedia room of a nearby hotel, or in the cozy atmosphere of the Elpio headquarters. The trainings are always accompanied by a lively exchange of thoughts and opinions, which translates into expanding the topics of the meeting and interestingdiscussion.

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