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Our asset is professional, friendly and fast service.


Best with elpio.

Apart from commercial service, we provide service in the field of design, valuation of equipment and measurements of network. Our company also handles professional technical assistance and consulting at every step of the execution of an investment – from the design to a launch of a network. We also guarantee reliable and timely completion of work.

Our offer is addressed mainly to all of developers, construction and design companies which construct low-current and electrical installations.

Our primary objective is professional and timely service for all the clients.

We place emphasis on:

·                     quick order fulfilment

·                     a wide range of products on offer

·                     adjusting our offer to current market needs

·                     constant control of the quality of offered products, in domestic and foreign laboratories.

·                     excellent value for money

·                     complex offer for each client

·                     workshops

We possess Quality Certificates and Declarations of Conformity for our products. Products sold by Elpio sp. z o.o. are in accordance with European Union Directives, i.a.:

·                     2006/95/WE (LVD – low voltage directive)

·                     2004/108/WE (EMC – electromagnetic compatibility directive (EMC))  

We invite you to visit our head office. There, our salesmen will present the wide range of products and advise you about the best and the most efficient equipment for you and your clients. On the basis of the prepared systems, they will choose the best and cheapest solutions for you.

We cooperate with the biggest multimedia network operators in Poland. For years our main recipients have been among others: Vectra Inwestycje S.A., Multimedia Polska S.A., Toya S.A., Inea S.A. and network wholesalers in the field. We have earned the trust of numerous installation companies which deal with constructing telecommunication and teletechnical infrastructure.

Elpio Sp z o.o. has been operating in telecommunication market since 1993. We deal with import, distribution and complex supplying of professional equipment for construction of telecommunications systems – cable television, the Internet, telephony and DVB-S as well as DVB-T.

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