Available wardrobes in Elpio offer:

  • 9U to 18U - Cabinet construction welded or bolted with a lock opened sides, the front door with a lock. Front door: glass or steel

  • 27U to 42U - Self-assembly cabinets, opening sides with a lock, opening rear with a lock, front door with a lock. The cabinet has wheels and feet. Front door: glass or steel

It is equipped with a glass or steel front door with a lock, with the option of mounting on the right or left side. It has removable side panels (with locks included) and a solid rear steel door with a lock.There is a possibility of wiring through the lockable upper and lower panel (with end caps included).

Elpio RACK cabinets are a solution designed for network construction, installation of cabling and 19-inch equipment. It can be used in data centers that require a lot of space in the device cabinets. The cabinet will successfully fulfill its role in large, extensive networks and server rooms, both in small, medium and large companies and corporations. It will also work in low-voltage installations such as cable television networks, alarm and fire protection systems, access control as well as CCTV and IP monitoring systems. The structure is made using high quality rolled steel, it is characterized by excellent design and workmanship.

Teletechnical cabinets RACK 19" 

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