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In this department we can find everything which is connected with optic transmission. The optics is a sign of the times, it exists actually everywhere, and telecommunication industry could do without it today. Although the term 'optic transmission' seems to be quite mysterious, we have to know that thanks to optics transmission of a signal has become much easier and effective in comparison to traditional 'copper': the phenomenon of attenuation of a signal and its degradation because of distance has become negligible thanks to elimination of active elements compensating attenuation of the line. Optical fibre take less space, are light and totally dielectric. Throughput of optical path is several times bigger than a traditional copper line. Although fibre optic is delicate and precise, and the optic installation itself has to be done thoroughly by experts which takes more time, optic transmission briskly replaces traditional copper installations not only at the stage of magistral line but also in the field of buildings and flats (FTTH installations). The optic cables which we offer along with optic fibre equipment are extracted in terms of quality. We also made sure to provide the prices of products from the counter 'Optics' which will be satisfactory for everyone.

Optical equipment

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