We cooperate with i.a.:

· Telkom Telmor

· Televes

· Triax

· Emiternet

· BKT Elektronik

· Global Invacom

Our equipment offer includes:

·         Coaxial cables , outside concentric cables for buildings,

·         optic cables, inside and outside fibre optic cables

·        Structural networks

·         optic accessories

·         Structural accessories

·         TV accessories

·         Multiswitches, amplifiers

·         rack cabinet (RACK)

·         Measuring instruments and devices

·         design offices which handle i.a. designing of teletransmission networks both in RF and optic technology, as well as low current installations.

·         Installation companies which build teletransmission teletechnical networks based on optic and RF technology, structural, surveillance and intercom networks,

·         Companies which install RF devices and optic networks for transmission of DVB T and SAT signal,

·         Companies connected with developers field in terms of teletechnical installations' implementation.

We assist during the whole process of networks construction which we designed and provided. Our company also takes part in launching of the network and performs control measurements.

We actively participate in the process of design and adaptation of the right devices.

We address our offer to companies which deal with design and construction of teletransmission teletechnical networks, and especially:

Offer for teletechnical companies

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