The construction of multicable consists of five separated cables connected in one beam by the use of common high quality PVC coat. This unique structure is dedicated to use in modern tellecommunication installations. Owing to this solution, there is no need for cutting and laying down five individual cables, which means that the time and work that needs to be sacrificed to create the installation decreases significantly.
Benefits of using MULTIKABLA in your installation:
  • One cable to each premises.
  • Solid outer PVC prevents damage to internal cables.
  • Optical cable FTTH 2J placed in the center of the Multikabel bundle.
  • Installation aesthetics, ease of stacking.
  • Confidence that the cable and its components meet the legislator's standards, including CPR.
  • Internal marking makes it easier to locate cables
  • One cable, one conduit, saving time and space.

Our multicable has a patented utility model reserved No. 70610.

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