In this department we can find everything which is connected with optic transmission. The optics is a sign of the times, it exists actually everywhere, and telecommunication industry could do without it today. Although the term 'optic transmission' seems to be quite mysterious, we have to know that thanks to optics transmission of a signal has become much easier and effective in comparison to traditional 'copper': the phenomenon of attenuation of a signal and its degradation because of distance has become negligible thanks to elimination of active elements compensating attenuation of the line. Optical fibre take less space, are light and totally dielectric. Throughput of optical path is several times bigger than a traditional copper line. Although fibre optic is delicate and precise, and the optic installation itself has to be done thoroughly by experts which takes more time, optic transmission briskly replaces traditional copper installations not only at the stage of magistral line but also in the field of buildings and flats (FTTH installations). The optic cables which we offer along with optic fibre equipment are extracted in terms of quality. We also made sure to provide the prices of products from the counter 'Optics' which will be satisfactory for everyone.


The construction of multicable consists of five separated cables connected in one beam by the use of common high quality PVC coat. This unique structure is dedicated to use in modern tellecommunication installations. Owing to this solution, there is no need for cutting and laying down five individual cables, which means that the time and work that needs to be sacrificed to create the installation decreases significantly.


Multiswitches are devices usually invisible for users, which serve invaluably allowing to avoid a 'forest' of aerials on roofs and elevations of buildings. They additionally allow to fuel even hundreds of recipients from one aerial. The multiswiches which we offer have an extender warranty time. If there is such a need, we can extend the time to even 5 years.

An important fact is that a few years ago there was a new Building Regulation introduced which obligates investors to equip new and renovated buildings with i.a. multiswitch installations. In this deparmtent you will find amplifiers, taps and other accessories used along with multiswitches. In case there is such a need, Elpio will design multiswitch installation for a big object and will help with its launching – ask about it.


An amplifier is an incredibly important element of HP network. Depending on a model, it sums up, levels signals coming from antennas, reinforces the signal and improves the frequency characteristic's slope. An amplifier is an active element of a network which needs power supply. It can be reinforced in the line or locally, from a socket 230V. In our offer, we recommend amplifiers which are multichannel, broadband, to use in Multimedia Telecommunication Networks as well as detached houses and smaller facilities. We also possess mast amplifiers for the installations near to antenna, which plays the role of antenna diplexer.

Telecommunications engineering

In this department you can find telecommunications engineering equipment such as: UTP and FTP cable, RJ connectors, keystones,. We also offer a wide range of telecommunication cabinets 10 and 19 inches, both wall mounted or floorstanding in size from 4,5 to 42 U, varying in terms of construction and use. Our asset is a broad range of patchpanels and equipment for the cabinets. We offer patchpanels RG, RJ 45 and distribution box SC/APC as well as power strips, cable organizers and others. Everything in different forms and configurations, eqipped and empty. Well chosen and equipped telecommunication cabinet sorts installation and makes service easy. Tell us your expectations and needs and we will help you choose the cabinet and its equipment.

Coaxial cables

Concentric cables tc'eq are high quality concentric wires for numerous uses. Well-thought constructions allows to use them as universal antenna cables for numerous uses, both in Bidirectional Cable TV Networks and individual systems of satellite or terrestrial digital TV. The cables are resistant to absorbing unwanted electromagnetic waves inside the cable and their radiation is also limited to minimum. All of that is because of three-layer screen which in times of digital transmissions have a prime importance.


Connectors are one of the most integral and important elements of installation. Inappropriately chosen connector effectively reduces the effort put in the construction of the most precise installation. This is why an accurate and precise choice of the connectors is so important. In this department you can find connectors and adapters for all the parts of a network. Next to straight connectors used in individual house installations, you can find professional connectors and F as well as BNC adapters for CCTV.

For all of our connectors, plugs and adapters, we offer professional equipment presented in the counter 'Tools'.

Satellite antennas

Satellite antennas tc'eq with highly selected construction. The offer is addressed to connoisseurs who appreciate good quality and esthetics. The antennas lack plastic construction elements (apart from a handle of a converter), which contributes to stability of the whole construction. The components of the antennas are corrosion secured by galvanising and multilayer painting of a reflector. Assembling of an antenna is easy and very intuitional. It doesn't trouble people with even little technical skills. Tc'eq antennas are good value for money which makes them very attractive on the market. Satellite antennas are offered in different sizes and colours which made them recognized by both individual clients and installers.

Terrestrial antennas, DVB-T

Antennas for terrestrial television so those which realize DVB-T reception are recommended as directional antennas because this kind guarantees effective reception of frequencies where digital MUXes are transmitted. The antennas are dedicated for UHF range, made from extra-thick profiles and aluminium pipes, supplemented with UV resistant plastic elements which pose hermetic protection and have a decorative function. The antennas are strong which in combination with the use of massive buckle guarantee a stable installation and long lasting fault-free work. An additional asset of terrestrial antennas is their handy and esthetic packaging as well as the fact that they are packed partially assembled. The construction enables assembling those antennas without tools which significantly reduces the time of installation.


Metal casing is an important element which protects integral parts of installations, playing an esthetic role which sorts the network. Boxed presented in this department vary in terms of vandal security and place of use. Different boxes cooperate with PCV pipes while others with covering strips. Here you can find a fine box to use as a cover in a detached house and an armoured case which will effectively protect elements of high value from unauthorized access and theft. In case of any doubts, our experts will help with explanation. In extreme cases, we will make the casing according to our Client's wish, dedicated to his needs and expectations.


Telecommunication cabinets 10 and 19 inches, patchpanels and accessories for them are sold in Telecommunications engineering department.


Professional tools are a domain of a good installer and engineer. Apart from saving time, they allow to avoid damage of the installation and its components. The tools presented in this department are the choice made by our Customers. Great value for money enables to guarantee comfort and reliable operation for a long time.


Splitter is a signal distributional element responsible not only for its right division but also for separation of particular elements of the installation, which plays the main role in elimination of electrical interference generated by subscriber receivers. Splitters have a significant influence on the quality of TV installation operation. In this department, you can find extracted splitters used in Multimedia Cable TV Networks as well as polarization splitters for satellite installations.

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